The Best SSDs for Gaming in 2015

The Best Solid State Drives 2015

Solid state drives bring faster boot times and load times to the table and they vastly improve the overall speed of your computer. And, although they don’t bring any significant advantage to your in-game experience, they are a must have for anyone with a decent-to-large budget. In this article I’m going to go over the best SSD options on the market today.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years and you’ve just re-entered into society, then you probably haven’t heard of solid state drives.

Don’t worry… I’m here to get you back up to speed…

Solid state drives are basically storage devices much like mechanical hard drives.

They hold all of the data and information on your computer.

Where they stand out is the speed in which they are able to retrieve data for you. In fact, SSDs are able to hit sequential read speeds of 10-100 times faster than traditional hard drives.

All that extra speed means that your computer will boot up faster, your files will be opened more quickly, and your programs, applications, and games will load up in a fraction of the time.

While a Solid State Drive isn’t going to give you gains in your frame rates, it will dramatically increase the speed in which programs and applications open up, data will load (and your games, too, if they’re stored on your SSD), and significantly cut down on waiting time.

Does this give you a direct boost to your in-game gaming experience? Not really… Does it make the overall functionality of your computer better? Absolutely.

In any case, if you don’t have an SSD, then you strongly need to consider getting one…

In this post, I will go over the best SSDs for gaming computers in 2015 at various price ranges for different budget sizes. I’ve broken down the categories into four different price ranges: SSDs under $100, SSDs between $100-$150, SSDs between $150-$200, and SSDs over $200.

I only chose one SSD for each price range and while there are definitely some other worthy solid state drives in these price ranges, I felt these offered the best returns for PC gamers. Also, as a side not, gamers should really only look at getting an SSD if they have a larger budget, as the money spent on an SSD could be put to better use in low-budget builds.

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The Best SSDs for Gaming Under $100
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive
(Prices fluctuate–check here for current pricing)

Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSDThe Samsung EVO offers the most performance at the best price among the other SSDs under $100. And, at 120GB, you have plenty of room to store your Operating System and a couple of your favorite games.

This drive, when paired with a decent sized mechanical hard drive, will give you the most optimal storage solution for your gaming computer at an extremely affordable price.

So, if you’re building your computer on a moderate budget, or you just want to give your current system a serious boost in performance, you should definitely consider the Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD.


Samsung 840 EVO 120GB Specs

  • 120GB
  • 6 GB/sec Transfer Rate
  • 2.5″ Form Factor
  • Up to 540 MB/sec Sequential Read Speeds
  • Up to 410 MB/sec Sequential Write Speeds
  • Limited Three Year Warranty

The Best SSDs for Gaming Between $100-$200
Crucial M500 240GB 2.5-Inch SSD
(Prices fluctuate–check here for current pricing)

Crucial M500 240GB SSD120GB is probably the sweet spot range for the everyday gamer as far as storage space goes. It will give you enough space to comfortably store your Operating System, and all of your favorite games.

However, with the prices of SSDs continuing to fall, 240GB SSDs are more affordable than ever. At right around $150, you can land the Crucial M500 240GB SDD. The M500 will give you ideal performance at an affordable cost. And, if you pair this SSD with a 500GB-1TB hard drive, you will probably never have to worry about storage space again.


Crucial M500 240GB  SSD Specs

  • 240GB
  • 6 GB/sec Transfer Rate
  • 2.5″ Form Factor
  • Up to 484 MB/sec Sequential Read Speeds
  • Up to 247 MB/sec Sequential Write Speeds
  • Three-year limited warranty

The Best SSDs for Gaming Between $100-$200
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SSD
(Prices fluctuate–check here for current pricing)

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSDYes, the 840 EVO is back on this list! This time you’re not getting 120GB of storage space… you’re getting twice that! And, while the sequential read times are the same between the two SSDs, the sequential write times on the 250GB version is over 100MB/s more.

Between $150 and $200 you won’t find a better deal on an SSD than the Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD. It’s priced well, it performs better than similarly priced SSDs, and it has a ton of storage.


Samsung 840 EVO 250GB Specs

  • 250GB
  • 6 GB/sec Transfer Rate
  • 2.5″ Form Factor
  • Up to 540 MB/sec Sequential Read Speeds
  • Up to 520 MB/sec Sequential Write Speeds
  • Limited Three Year Warranty

The Best SSDs for Gaming Over $200
Crucial M500 960GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive
(Prices fluctuate–check here for current pricing)

Crucial M500 960GB SSDFor all you go-getters out there, the Crucial M500 960GB  Solid State Drive is not only fast, but it’s also incredibly HUGE. With a 500 MB/sec sequential read speed, and a 400 MB/sec sequential write speed, this SSD offers incredible performance.

However, where this SSD really stands out is in its size. With nearly a terabyte of storage, this SSD can hold any and all of your programs, games, and files.

So, if you’re working with an unlimited budget, and you don’t take the motto “Go big or go HOME” lightly, then this monster SSD is probably the right choice for you.


Corsair Force Series GS Red 960GB Specs

  • 960GB
  • 6 GB/sec Transfer Rate
  • 2.5″ Form Factor
  • Up to 500 MB/sec Sequential Read Speeds
  • Up to 400 MB/sec Sequential Write Speeds
  • Three Year Warranty

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