How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Gaming Computer

Get A New Gaming ComputerThere’s nothing worse than having no control over the fact that you can’t play your favorite PC games because your computer just isn’t up to par.

To make matters worse, if you’re still under the age of 18, you’re likely living at home with your parents. And, you probably don’t have a job or any source of income because you’re too busy with school work. So, ultimately, there’s just nothing that you, personally, can do in order to get yourself a new gaming computer.

You’re only option is to go to your parents…

However, if you can present a good enough argument to your parents of why you should get a new gaming computer, they might just help you out.

And, if you’re looking for the argument that has the best chance of persuading your Mom and Dad to your side of things, I believe I can help you out…

The One Argument to Rule All Arguments for Convincing Your Parents to Get You a Gaming Computer

First off, don’t take the word “argument” to mean that you’re going to go in and fight with your parents. When I say argument, I mean the presenting of your case.

In order for you to have the best chances of convincing your parents to get you a gaming computer you have to present the reasons why you should have a gaming computer in a mature manner. No kicking, no screaming, and no pouting… You’ve got to get down to business. And, getting down to business means taking things seriously.

In fact, because I’m giving you this argument, you have to promise that you will present it in a mature manner. If you don’t, the gaming Gods will deliver immeasurable amounts of damage to you in the form of huge lag spikes and FPS drops…

Alright, now that we’ve covered the ground rules, here is the amazing argument you’re going to use:

You Don’t Want Your Parents to Buy You A New Gaming PC… You Want Them to Buy You the Components, So That You Can Learn How to Build Your Own Computer (Which You Will Also Use for Gaming)

Why is this argument your best chance for getting your parents to help you a get a gaming computer? It’s because your parents care about you… They don’t want you wasting away in front of a computer playing video games for the rest of your life.

They want you to thrive, learn, and grow up to be a valuable member of society… and unfortunately, they don’t see playing video games as a way to accomplish that.

However, the reason why building your own gaming computer might win your parents to your side is because it is something that is actually productive. Computers drive this world and the people who know the most about them generally end up making a good living. And, that’s what your parents want for you… so, naturally, they will be more inclined to get you that gaming computer you’ve dreamed of, if they knew you were taking a serious interest in computers.

Step-By-Step Directions to Presenting Your Case to Your Parents

Alright, I’ve given you the argument. If you can commit to building the system yourself, then you have a much better chance of persuading your parents to getting you your system.

While some of you may already know how to present this case to your parents, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help those of you who need a little more assistance in convincing your parents that this would be more than just a gift…

Step 1: Present Your Case

In the first step of presenting your case, you must, in fact, present your case. Tell your parents that you want to build your own gaming computer and tell them why it will be beneficial if you did.

Here are 5 reasons that you can give your parents on why it would be beneficial for your to build your own system:

  1. Building your own computer will give you knowledge of how a computer works and you’ll be able to use that for the rest of your life
  2. You can actually save your parents money, because building a computer is cheaper than buying it pre-built
  3. It will teach you patience, how to follow instructions, and how to complete the task at hand
  4. You’ll be more appreciative of your computer, since you built it yourself
  5. With the knowledge of how to build a computer, you may venture off into other related areas… like computer programming (and those guys make a ton of money!)
  6. The holidays, or your birthday, are right around the corner and it would be a great gift for you

Of course, you might be able to come up with a million more, but you can use these as a start. Remember, the key is to actually prove to your parents that this is a worthy cause and, you must live up to your bargain by presenting your case in a professional and mature manner. That’s the only way it will work.

Step 2: Let Me Help You Out… Send Them to This Page

The good news is that, if they ask you a bunch of technical questions, or they express their doubts that you have what it takes to build a computer on your own, I have already answered all of their questions on the page linked above. So, after you present your case, make sure you show them the page I linked to…

Step 3: Be A Perfect Child!

Most people might tell you to bargain with your parents at this point… They might suggest that you tell them you’ll do the dishes every night for the rest of your life… Or that you’ll get straight A’s this years… Or that you’ll never be mean to your little brother or sister again.

Instead of bargaining with them, just do it! Start doing the dishes without them asking you to. Keep your room clean. Treat your siblings better. Get better grades. Stop playing video games when they tell you to.

Show your parents that you’re mature and responsible! In fact, you should be doing this kind of stuff anyways!

If you do that, your parents will be much more likely to back you in your pursuit to build your own gaming computer.

Step 4: Accept Their Decision and Move On

Even though it does cost less money to build your own computer as opposed to buying it pre-built, it still is an expensive thing that you’re asking your parents to do.

So, even though building your own computer may be the best argument you have to present to your parents, it’s still up to them. And you need to respect their decision either way.

However, if you really really really really want a new gaming computer, and they don’t want to shell out all of that the money to get you your computer components, you can ask your parents if you can start looking for small side jobs. (And, if you’re old enough, you can always try to get a weekend job.)

This will be an even better way to show them how mature and responsible you are, and it’s a great way to save up money for your gaming computer.

Hopefully You’re Now One Step Closer To Getting Your Gaming Computer

Well, you gave it your best effort and that’s all you could do! I hope you presented your case in the right way and I hope that if your parents rejected your request, you accepted their decision without any arguing.

If you or your parents have any questions about the building process, don’t hesitate to contact me, or post your questions in our forums.

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  1. Chris C says

    I go to a filmography school, showing that I do express interest in video editing. I simply told them I would use this for video editing, and it is worked. So, if you’ve ever expressed interest in video editing, that could be a useful argument as well. (I had been using a crappy emachines D525 before that)

  2. JC Hart says

    Would if you ARE the parent?
    A very important argument : a more up to date and computer of “tomorrow” will most likely give you an educational advantage. In my home, my husband and I strive to ensure this for our teenagers. Every bit of this cost is an investment in our kids’ future. And, yep, they do know how to put them together.

  3. Josh says

    This is really good advice. Fortunately for me, my parents are very supportive of my choice to build my own computer ( they imagine me being the next bill gates or something like that) . Of course, it helps when you explain how this can help you in the future, and to take the steps to prove that you are committed. I, for example, mean to start a game studio with my friends out of college. I’ve been dabbling in programming in my robotics classes in school, as well as with the UDK. They see that I am willing to do the work, and they see how it can benefit me, and so they are willing to help pay for some of the parts. Getting my major organs (for the computer, of course) this Christmas, and I can’t wait to finish it and show it off!

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